Our Research Lab


The RRI laboratory is at the center of our clinical trials and advanced data analytics. Because of our access to an extensive patient population, the lab analyzes a large volume of bio specimens. The lab employs sophisticated tools and methodologies to dig deeper, looking at questions and factors critical to the development of cutting-edge technologies, new medical devices, and innovative therapeutic methods.

The lab team includes experts in clinical laboratory science, biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, molecular diagnostics, and genetics. Our custom-built information management system is designed for collaboration, encouraging team members with diverse expertise to access data and provide input throughout every clinical trial.

RRI Biobank

The data gathered at the lab not only validates specific studies, it is also added to the RRI biobank to serve researchers today and into the future. Because it includes longitudinal data on such a large population of kidney patients, the RRI biobank is a unique resource for investigators at RRI and around the world. As research continues to advance precision medicine, the biobank will be able to screen for yet undiscovered molecules or biological relationships for better diagnosis and treatment of disease.

RRI Advanced Tools

One of RRI’s advanced tools is a robot that can process a high volume of bio specimens, freeing the lab team to focus on data analysis. The RRI team has written a range of original programs that instruct the robot to follow both routine and unique protocols and deliver large quantities of data with precision and consistency.
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Dr. Peter Kotanko, MD
SVP, Corporate Research & Development, RRI Research Director